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What is Positive Ticketing?


Positive Ticketing is our way of acknowledging positive behaviour that impresses a police officer in the course of his or her duties. The purpose of positive ticketing is to reward good behaviour. By doing this, we hope to build stronger relationships with the community and break down barriers that get in the way of communication and trust.

How does the program work?


A positive ticket could be issued to you! On it you will find the name and badge number of the issuing officer as well as a note specifying what you did to deserve this small reward.

If you are selected for a Level 2 award, a box will be ticked off by the officer and this will enable you to select your reward online once you have completed the survey. Then, at a prearranged date, you will be welcomed at 42 Division, where you will meet a member of our team who will present you with your reward.

All positive ticket recipients, whether level 2 or not, who have completed the on-line survey will be entered into a draw for a grand prize, which will be announced via our webpage as well as Facebook.

How Do I Claim My Reward?


Anyone who has received a positive ticket can complete the survey and be entered into a grand prize draw to be announced shortly.

If you are a level 2 recipient, you must complete the survey to receive your reward. Once the survey is completed, you will be able to choose a reward and then arrange a date and time to pick it up at 42 Division.

Congratulations to everyone who has received a positive ticket.


" Every little deed makes a huge difference in the world. This program is a great way to encourage people to do better even if it won't completely eliminate crime itself. It's a great conversation starter, and it makes people feel great knowing there's good people out there, and good people being awarded too. " - Kayla N.

" This program has encouraged me to help out more in the community, not because you get a reward but because your actions get acknowledged. It is nice to know someone cares and that even the smallest actions can go a long way to helping bring the city together. My family was very proud to find out what I did and I think it has really encouraged them to try and do more as well. We all have to lead by example and in doing so, we can keep our streets and communities a shining example of how great Canada can be. " - Robert L.

" I was quite surprised about the program and appreciative. I told all my friends about it so that they are inspired to do good deeds " - Lisa R.

" Great program! " - Aqeel A.

" I was very happy to see that there was a program like this to help build the relationship between the people and police. I have been telling people about my experience and the rewards of doing a good deed can bring. " - Asma A.

" This is a wonderful program. As an elementary school principal I interact with the police force on a regular basis. I am certain, this program will contribute to breaking down barriers that may exist, especially between young people and law enforcement officers. " - Charles Grant M.

" I really appreciate the effort to build police- society relationship. Not only did it encourages me to do goodwill, but also brightened up my week. I did not hesitate to tell my friends about this. As a matter of fact I called my friend the second I was done. " - Leonardo L.

" I think the positive ticketing program is a good program in building trust between the public and police(especially with the younger generation). It will show people that the police are not only issuing tickets with fines and that they are not only looking for negative behaviour. I feel that I didn't need to be rewarded for my good deed-- I was raised to do on to others what you would want done to yourself and I know if one of my children went missing I would certainly hope that a nice citizen would help my child. I have told so many people about this program. " - Marilou K.

" its really awesome step that creates environment of mutual cooperation between public and police.aboveall,helping others in misery gives us internal happiness.i vil share my experience with all my colleagues and family and ask them to be goood citizens by helping others. " - MUNAWAR K.

" My experience with this program was a great one! I never would of thought getting a "ticket" would be so rewarding :) I felt this program allows people to see that good deeds are recognized. This program provides an opportunity share my experience with others in my community as well as building a better foundation and trust between police and the public. I would definitely share my experience with my friends and family as well as encourage them to be responsible citizens and give a helping hand when needed :) -N " - Nicole Y.

" hi my name is Keisha and I'm a 17 years old . The reason why I received a positive ticket was because I tried saving a strangers life :) I went shopping at the Agincourt Mall one morning in the parking lot and passed by a car that was occupied by what appeared to be a man having a nap. When I return I noticed the same car had the motor revving and that the driver was slumped down in the seat. So I immediately called 911 and followed the dispatcher's directions ( banged on car window, open the the door, release the seat in a prone position and chest compressions until the emergency assistance arrived.. Unfortunately the victim passed away from what has been ruled a heart attack. A few days later the 42 Division called me and told me to come visit them. They were so friendly and everyone congratulated me. At the end of the wonderful visit they surprised me by handing me a POSITIVE TICKET ! I was so happy and grateful ! I didn't realize what I did was so important until I received it. I encourage people all over Toronto who help their community ...even the strangers in need , to never stop ! :D " - keisha m.

" I told all my friends and family " - angelo m.

" Positive ticketing promotes acts of kindness around the community. It reassures people that good deeds are rewarded. " - Anonymous

" great program maybe more people will help others in need of help " - william h.

" It was a wonderful surprise to get a Positive Ticket for doing something I felt would help make my community a safer place to be. Thank you 42 Division! " - Lillian P.

" The Positive Ticketing Initiative is an amazing way to reinforce the values and qualities we want to see in all members of our community and society overall. I also believe the Positive Ticketing initiative will be successful at breaking down some of the barriers that may exist between the police and some members of the public. I sincerely believe that if more people knew about this initiative it would have a significant impact on successfully strengthening trust and cooperation between the police and the public. " - Edward M.

" When the police officer came back to me ask what I saw and pulled out a positive ticket to give me, I had no idea what that mean. While I was humble about my action, the police office stressed the point how I save a life today and how it was important for the public to be proactive and make our a community a better place. He stressed the fact that my actions did make a difference and I realized that I need to keep my eyes and ears open to make the place we live a better place. We as the community members need to contribute back to the society we live in if not for us at least for the better future of our kids. I posted the incidence and the photo of the ticket on my facebook and shared the experience with all my face book friends and few of them shared my post on their facebook as well. " - SRIRAM R.

" to be honest, I am shocked to receive a positive ticket with my husband. We didnt even know such a thing exist! all we felt at that time is just that we had to help out this dimensia-appeared-to-be lady, who seems to be lost and all over the place. After the police showed up and took her home, he gave us this positive ticket, we then googled it and told our friends about this wonderful experience . we are very happy not just that we got to help out an old lady, also got recognized for it! " - Doris T.

" This is a great program. It's encourages me to be involve more in the community act and help Police services. I'll mention to my friends so that they will also be involve in the community services and aware of this positive ticketing. This gives opportunity to interact with Police more confidently that our efforts are being recognize. " - Siva S.

" It was a great experience after having seen a traumatic one happen. I hope that more people come forward to support our police in their efforts to find criminals and solve crimes in Toronto. This is a great idea to help bring citizens and police together. " - Leslie V.

" every body has the duty to cooperate with the police. of course, it would be better with this initiative. I would like to tell my friends. " - LE L.

" I think this is a great idea and after having this experience with the police and recieving a positive ticket my thoughts of a police officer have changed. If I was younger I would have joined the force. All my friends have praised me for the good job done but I am a kind hearted person and has encourage them to do the same. " - Rajiv S.

" I believe that this program will be extremely beneficial in breaking down barriers and allow the public to be more trusting with working with the police. I like how the program acknowledges the help that an individual can provide to the police. I have already talked to many friends and shown my positive ticket online through some social media sites. " - Michael P.

" The introduction of this program will hopefully encourage citizens to come forward with information and report crimes. Recognizing the positives in a situation is beneficial for crime prevention and reporting. I have told some friends about the initiative and all of them were surprised by it and congratulated me. Also, I have a friend in Scotland who is a police officer and is interested in learning more about the program and implementing it there. " - Erin O.